Freight Rail Transport and Shunting

TEHNOTRANS FEROVIAR LTD performs rail freight transport in full safety and integrity of cargoes and in the shortest possible time with trains loaded with cars, petroleum products, ferrous and non-ferrous materials, cereals and containers, on approximately 45 traffic sections and 52 shunting areas with Industrial railways, on 5 regionals (Constanta, Galati, Iasi, Bucharest, Craiova).
Rail freight transport is carried out with own or rented traction means, in own, rented or wagon owned by the client. Own logistic tools: 18 locomotives (LE 5100 kW, LE 3400 kW, LDE 2100/1250 HP, LDH 1250 HP), 23 freight wagons (Eacs, Rgs).
Currently, the company owns about 40% of the shunting activity in South Constanta and Constanta Ports.

Maintenance And Repair For Rolling Stock

As Entitie in Charge with Maintenance, TEHNOTRANS FEROVIAR LTD ensures the fulfillment of responsibilities for activities with impact on railway safety, as well as the fulfillment of the responsibilities and responsibilities related to the railway - according to the requirements in force, including the maintenance rules and the provisions of the TIS (Technical Interoperability Specifications). In other words, our company can ensure that both locomotives and freight wagons for which we are responsible are in a safe state of operation.
LOCOMOTIVES maintenance and repair – maintenance types

  • Electrical Locomotives type Co-Co 5100 Kw
    • General Overhaul
    • Scheduled revision type PTAE, RAC, RT, R1, R2, 2R2
  • Electrical Locomotives type Bo-Bo 3400 Kw
    • General Overhaul
    • Lifting Repair
    • Scheduled revisions type PTAE, RAC, RT, R1, R2, 2R2
  • Electrical Locomotives 4130 Kw – series 25100/150/200
    • General Overhaul
  • Diesel Electrical Locomotives – Scheduled revision type PTAE, RT, R1, R2, 2R2, R3 and accidental repairs
  • Diesel Hydraulic Locomotives - Scheduled revision type PTAE, RT, R1, R2, 2R2 and accidental repairs
FREIGHT WAGONS maintenance and repair - maintenance types
  • Wagons series E, F, G, H, I, K, L, R, S, T, U, Z
    • Accidental repairs (DA)
    • Intermediate brake revision (RIF)
    • Running revision (RRu)

Locomotives Modernization

An important result in the field of modernization is CUMMINS motor remoting.
CUMMINS engines are perfectly adapted for refurbishing railcars and locomotives (used to pull passenger or cargo wagons).
Repowering locomotives by CUMMINS engine gets important advantages, as:

  • Reducing fuel consumption
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Longer periods between maintenance operations
  • Increasing the reliability and decreasing time immobilization
  • Low level of vibration and noise
  • Lower emissions, according to the last EU regulations
At the request of the beneficiary, other types of upgrades can be performed, which are optimal solutions for the efficiency of the electric or diesel locomotive activity.
In order to modernize the locomotives, the company collaborates with specialized companies recognized both nationally and internationally.

Naval Repairs

Within the repair departments works two main workshops:

  • Mechanical workshop, which provides inspections and repair works at mechanical components and aggregates, hydraulic components and pneumatic components of rolling stock and naval equipment;
  • Electric workshop, which provides inspections and repair works at electrical locomotives, electrical equipment, electronic and automated for rolling stock and naval equipment;
The staff of the naval repair department is organized to carry out the work both in the company’s workshops as well as mobile teams on the board of the ships.

Human Capital

The human capital – one of the key indicators of a transposition in a high competitor, counts at this moment more than 230 employees. Competents, focus, they fulfill efficiently and professionally all their liabilities.
Within Exploitation section, because of the lack of qualified personnel on the labor market, TEHNOTRANS FEROVIAR LTD recruited and selected from Constanta city and the neighboring cities and qualified through CENAFER, personnel with responsibilities in the safety of railway traffic during the years 2016-2017: locomotive engine drivers, train drivers, wagon maneuvers. All staff is trained in the continuous professional training program organized at the company level: theoretical, professional training and professional practice.
Through the Locomotive Engine Driver Center, TEHNOTRANS FEROVIAR LTD forms and evaluates for the authorization fo locomotive engine drivers for rolling stock type, shunting activity and freight transport activity.
In order to ensure the highest level of management TEHNOTRANS FEROVIAR LTD has in its organizational structure railway personnel with vast knowledge and experience from important positions of Romanian Railways or from multinational groups.

Within maintenance and repair sections, the vast majority of staff come from railway repair depots with extensive railway experience. All staff is regularly trained theoretically and practically, based on the annual training programs, through the school of staff organized at the company level. A large number of staff are constantly participating in fairs and railway exhibitions where specific technical news is presented in the field in which they operate.